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If you would like further information regarding Carpet selection, choices and performance please refer to the Carpet Institute Of Australia Ltd.

The Carpet Institute of Australia Limited (CIAL) is a non-profit industry association dedicated to the development of Australia’s carpet industry. Formed in 1967, CIAL represents carpet manufacturers, as well as retailers and suppliers of goods and services to industry.

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Customer Checklist
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Congratulations on your new flooring purchase! Here are a few things to assist you to prepare for your flooring covering installation, allowing our team to install your new flooring as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

 Painting – to avoid damage to the paintwork, ensure your paint has had 2 – 4 days to dry thoroughly, more time in humid weather.

 Door Clearances – all doors should be cut to required clearance height from subfloor.

 Subfloor – the floor needs to be clear of all builders debris (including plaster lumps, paint, timber etc) & swept in preparation for installation.

 Take up and removal (if client doing themselves) – all take up (carpet & underlay) must be removed from areas new carpet is to be installed. Please leave existing carpet gripper, damaged areas will be replaced. All nails and staples exposed on top of subfloor must be removed or hammered in. Any underlay stuck to subfloor must be scraped off and floors need to be level. Please sweep and/or vacuum in preparation for installers. (removal of tack strips on concrete floor may damage to floor, this will need to be repaired and cured prior to installation).

 Take up and removal (if installers removing) – existing carpets should be vacuumed clean prior to take up and removal.

 Furniture (if client moving) – all furniture should be removed from areas carpet is to be installed. Empty room of all furniture including bookcases, cabinets, TV cabinets, moveable and built-in wardrobes including items on the robe floors, and any other items of furniture or storage that will be required to be moved.

 Furniture (if installer moving) – customers must organise professional movers to move pianos & billiard tables.

Strip all beds of linen and disassemble.

Remove any breakables, artwork, antiques, and valuables from work area.

Disconnect all electrical devices prior to installation. Including TV, stereo, computers etc.

All furniture must be emptied of all contents (eg. Books, clothes, linen etc)

Furniture will only be returned to the room from it was moved. Installers will not move your furniture to alternate locations, or up/down stairs.

 Electricity – needs to be available on site. If power is not on, please inform your salesperson and they can provide and generator for a small fee.

 Parking & Access – our installers will require a safe entry for carrying equipment and heavy materials into work areas. For obviously OHS reasons, our installers are not permitted to carry materials up ladders or across gangplanks. If a key is left out, please leave clear instructions with your salesperson to help us locate.

 Work Area – for safety reasons the area in which installers are working must be clear of other tradesmen, children, and animals.

 Moving In – please do not put the pressure of moving into your new home especially the next day. Due to unforeseen circumstances your carpet installation can be delayed and removalist trucks will be delayed.